I’ve never been good with being away from home

And the truth is, I’m homesick for him

Homesick every time he leaves the god damn room

Homesick when his hands aren’t snuggly fit into mine across the table

Homesick when I can’t hear him breathing next to me while we sleep

Homesick for his skin skating over mine

Homesick for every idiosyncrasy, every flaw, every tick, every vulnerability

Homesick for all that he is, for all that I am while near him

Maybe that makes me weak

Maybe that makes me foolishly naive

Maybe that puts me back to where I started,

laying my soul bare at the feet of another that could carelessly rip it to shreds like so many times before

But I don’t care

All I know is that I’m homesick for him

And I want to go home


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