Up In The Air

Maybe it”s just that I don’t travel very much.

But the clouds… wow…

It’s like climbing to the sky on mountains. The higher you go, the smoother these mountains seem to become. At the top, the mountains become small hills dotted with plateaus and small patches of blue that resemble lakes. In the distance, it’s like sail boats and cruise ships rest on top of the fluff.

I’ve often heard descriptions of these white clouds and how akin they are to lightly spun cotton candy but I’ve never been told about the grey patches that look as though they belong within my drier’s lint compartment or underneath the depths of my couch.

The density and appearance are a lot different than I remember as well. There are, of course, the fluffily spun puffs that line up with the childhood adaptations of the sky in the drawings with the sunglasses clad sun. Yet, some appear to roll on in flat sheaths, something akin to a patch of ice or sludge in the winter. And even more surprising, there are many that resemble that of stepping stones within a garden.

A part of me feels as though, if I were to part from the plane, I could hop from one to another on my tip toes in order to get to my final destination.

I wonder if this is where heaven is located. If, maybe, the pearly gates truly reside atop a cotton candy cloud and my grandma and past friends and cats and such are awaiting my arrival upon those stepping stones.

At night, the sky is a completely different place. Those cotton candy clouds become outlined in the firefly like dots from miles below. Each one, a dark shadow being illuminated from the small pieces of light surrounding them. The stars seem near enough to reach my hand out and grasp, as do the lights from civilization on the ground.

I’m feeling a little out of my depth in these cotton candy, dust bunny, drier lint skies; Too far from the stars yet too far from the ground.


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